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Punch excision followed by a laser such as Fraxel re:pair which is a fractionated CO2 laser device is a reasonable strategy for ice-pick type scars in Fitz type I and II (lighter) skin types. I would caution you that in darker skin types, the risk of pigmentary problems is high. Lasers alone for acne scars in general are not that helpful, and much less so for pitted acne scars. Fillers while helpful for rolling scars, spoon-shaped scars, are usually not appropriate for ice-pick scars.

You do have a couple other options as well, including:

Saline subcision which involves breaking up the scar tissue under the ice-pick scars as one method to promote collagen growth.

The "Cross" method which involves spot application of a very strong chemical peeling agent to stimulate the growth of collagen can help "fill in" the ice-pick depressions over time.

To appreciate the results of saline subcision and the "Cross" method requires patience, since the final results are not fully achieved until a year after starting treatment.

I would consult with a qualified physician to review what option(s) would be most appropriate for you.