Acne scars- TCA CROSS or punch excision followed by laser nyc new york ny

Ice pick scar....sounds deep, and hard to treat, but they are one of the easiest acne scars to treat....and treat well. I usually use TCA CROSS  70-100% , several sessions, or 1-2 mm punch, suture, then heal. This is then followed by total or full laser resurfacing.

Ideally I use erbium, with a downtime of 8 days. One treatment and its done and dusted. This combination of treatments can improve ice pick acne scars by upto 90-95%, in some cases, we can totally remove scars all together.

In summary, one of the easiest types of acne scars to treat, no matter what colour of skin you have. Review my before and afters on acne scarring for an idea.