Ice Pick Scars and Punch Excision NYC New York NY

Ice pick scars are characterized by punctate deep scars that are usually caused by deep cystic acne. These scars are difficult to resurface with laser or chemical peels because the base of the scar is deep with very steep sidewalls. The most effective treatment has remained punch excision with suturing despite many advances in lasers and chemical peels over the years.

Fraxel may diffusely improve the overall quality of the skin but there is no clinical evidence to support the claim that it will improve deep punctate ice pick scars. However, Fraxel laser resurfacing may improve more superficial scarring associated with chronic acne.

If you are considering a treatment for acne scars, you should discuss options with a physician who is familiar with the use of chemical peels, lasers, subcision, and punch excision of scars.